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Grant: Non-refundable financial aids from a donor to a recipient


- Identifying the status quo and planning to reach the desirable state of medical sciences education research
- Supporting strategic research into medical sciences education and managing applied knowledge in this field
- Determining the priorities of medical sciences education research based on national needs and the nationwide allocation of health higher education
- Supporting systematic data collection and analysis, using statistics and information in medical sciences education
- Adopting a futurology approach in medical sciences education in Iran
- Steering, monitoring, and supporting educational innovations in universities of medical sciences and other state or private educational centers
- Supporting and optimally exploiting the exceptional talents and elites in strategic projects in medical sciences education
- Supporting universities/faculties/higher education institutes, knowledge enterprises, and other state and private scientific-research centers on medical sciences education research, innovation, and technologies
- Outsourcing and monitoring strategic research in medical sciences education
- Providing scientific-research counseling to institutes within or outside the Deputy for Education (MoHME) about medical sciences education
- Supporting empowerment programs on medical education research and innovations

Types of grants:


Competitive grants:

To receive this grant, applicants must respond to NASR calls and submit their research proposal within the designated period. The proposals are reviewed, the best ones are selected, and the results are notified. The selected research proposals will then undergo the process of receiving the competitive grant. Committees receiving these proposals include the Virtual Education ، Educational Management and Leadership ، Curriculum Planning ، Teaching Methodology ، Cognitive Psychology and Evaluation Committees.

Non-competitive grants:

These grants are offered to top researchers selected by NASR, owners of best performance in the National Educational Festival of Shahid Motahari (selected by the Education Research and Development Center of MoHME and introduced to NASR), proposals approved by the Deputy for Education (MoHME), research studies that are in with the specific missions of the selected macro-regions and winner of the Olympiad.