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Educational Management and Leadership Committee

Committee Secretary
Ms. Merina Eskandari
Telephone +982175484406

Educational Management and Leadership Committee

The Educational Management and Leadership Committee supports projects developed through educational policy-making, management, and leadership.
Approval process
The call for proposals is competitive. To approve a project, the principal investigator uploads the pre-proposal on the NASR Research System. The pre-proposal is screened by three committee members and, if it is accepted, the principal investigator is asked to upload the full proposal, along with the confirmation letter from the Education Development Center (EDC) of the respective university, on the NASR Research System.
Pre-proposal and proposal format:
Principal investigator can download these two formats from the NASR websites.
Call for the proposal date:
This committee begins its activities at the outset of the Iranian Conference on Health Professions Education and is active for two months. One month before the call for proposals, the committee notifies its priorities to all Iranian universities of medical sciences while publishing them on NASR website as well.
Scientific review:
Scientific review is done by three referees. The outcome of the review of the first two referees is sent to the third referee who makes the final decision about the project and has discussions with the principal investigator. If the proposal passes this step, it enters the cost review step. If it does not pass this step, the outcome is notified to the principal investigator and the proposal is rejected.
Cost review:
If the proposal passes the scientific review, it is discussed in the Cost Review Committee and the outcome is notified to the principal investigator.
After the cost review, projects are presented by the Deputy of Research to the NASR Supreme Council, and endorsed proposals are approved.
After approval, the proposal enters the finalization step where it is modified by the principal investigator.
After finalization, the contract is prepared by the Research Unit and emailed to the principal investigator. The principal investigator prints out and signs the contract and posts it to NASR. The Head of NASR then signs the contract which then enters the implementation phase.
After the contract is drawn up with the principal investigator, the first installment (fund) is drafted by the Research Unit and notified to the Financial Unit. The next installments are computed and paid based on the progress of the project as determined by the project supervisor. Note that all payments are subject to a 5% tax and 10% deposit. All payments are notified to the principal investigator via text messages and emails.
Completion of the project:
When principal investigators present the final report of their projects, as approved by the NASR Supreme Council, they have 18 months to meet their commitments by completing and sending the full project report. After the completed report documents are sent and approved by the Deputy for Research, the sum serving as the guarantee of performance is paid to the principal investigator and the project is recorded as complete.
Project Completion certificate:
After the project is completed, a project completion certificate is issued and emailed to the principal investigator and collaborators.

This committee comprises the following educational leadership and management experts:

1. Dr. Amir Ahmad Akhavan
2. Dr. Peyman Adibi
3. Dr. Majid Akbari
4. Dr. Nemat Bilan
5. Dr. Shahram Towfighi
6. Dr. Fariba Jokar
7. Dr. Tahereh Changiz
8. Dr. Peygham Heidarpour
9. Dr. Mahmoudreza Dehqani
10. Dr. Yadollah Zarezadeh
11. Dr. Zohreh Sohrabi

12. Dr. Sareh Khatoon Shakerian
13. Dr. Lida Shams
14. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Sheikhha
15. Dr. Armin Shirvani
16. Dr. Saeed Askari
17. Dr. Mahasti Alizadeh
18. Dr. Reza Labbaf Ghassemi
19. Dr. Abbas Makarem
20. Dr. Arash Najimi
21. Dr. Ramin Homayouni Zand
22. Dr. Shahram Yazdani