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Scientometrics Working Group Secretary
Dr. Majid Heidari
Telephone : +982175484414

The Scientometrics and macro-observation Unit in Medical Sciences Education
With the growth and development of science, there have been evolutions in scientific fields, the dimensions of which are daily expanding. Scientometrics is one such domain emerging in recent decades following these scientific evolutions. Today, scientometrics has become one of the most common methods for evaluating scientific activities and research management. By quantitatively and qualitatively examining and discovering the system and structure of a scientific field, scientometrics determines the achievements of an intellectual realm and even predicts possible lines for further progress. Accordingly, scientometric units have become a must in research centers. In line with this trend and to realize the Perspective Plan and the Comprehensive Scientific Map of the country, NASR has launched a scientometric unit to evaluate scientific products in medical education.
Mission of the Unit This unit aims to evaluate scientific and research products, researchers, references, and research centers, and monitor and analyze the trend of scientific-research activities in medical sciences education.
Goals of the unit
Quantitative and qualitative study of the scientific flow in medical education; Assistance in scientific planning and policy-making for medical sciences education;
Development of a database to monitor scientific changes in medical sciences education;
Assistance in theorizing, hypothesizing, ideation, and knowledge development in medical sciences education
Specific goals of the unit
In line with its goals, this unit seeks to operationalize the following objectives:
- Providing citation reports on medical education scientific products and publications
- Providing citation reports on medical education authors
- Providing citation reports on medical education scientific authorities
- Evaluating medical education scientific outputs using Altmetric indicators
- Analyzing the trend of development of medical sciences education by plotting thematic scientific maps
- Plotting scientific collaboration network maps in medical education
- Identifying edge of knowledge and predicting future lines of research in medical education
- Establishing, theorizing and hypothesizing rooms to determine future research policies in medical education
- Designing a system for observing and monitoring the scientific indicators in medical education
- Developing steadily a knowledge base for medical education knowledge management