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Educational Technology Evaluation Working Group Secretary
Dr. Zeynab Forooghi
Telephone : 021-75484404

Educational Technology Evaluation Group
The Educational Technology Evaluation Unit of NASR operates as a subset of the center's Deputy for Research. This unit aims to promote medical education by providing expert evidence-based comments to identify, develop, and validate new educational technologies, solve educational problems, and seek opportunities to use technology (beyond traditional approaches) in order to improve education beyond. To this end, and with the help of experts in health policy-making, health technology evaluation, health economics, medical education, and educational technologies, this unit is in charge of three general tasks:
- Proposing theories, principles, and features necessary for developing, launching, purchasing, and policy-making about educational technologies
- Providing evidence-based documentation on educational technologies evaluation and comparing them with current approaches to educational content presentation
- Making recommendations for future orientations of research on educational technologies
Products of the Educational Technology Evaluation Group